What sets us apart from the other builders?

We aim to put our client’s best interests in mind. So we ensure that before the project starts, we think about the best value without breaking the bank. We don’t just go for the cheapest option when selecting materials or hiring skilled workers. As a result, we’ve risen to the top as the industry’s highest-rated and most reputable construction firm since 2014. All thanks to the partnerships we’ve established with families and communities!

Will you construct on my land?

A big YES! If other small custom builders and neighbor box builders that specialize in communities want to avoid building on your homesite since it’s a lot of work, go to us. We love the challenge it brings!

How much do your houses cost? Are your homes pricey?

If it’s on your lot, our homes will start in the upper $200s. Furthermore, we can construct a 1,900-square-foot two-story or a 1,600-square-foot ranch for less than $300. It makes us competitive in the industry since we provide the best value. We don’t hesitate to pit our properties against anyone because of the quality we provide. We can also handle projects that cost $1,000,000 or more.

What is your price per square foot?

We believe in pricing each home individually, so we don’t offer a by-square-foot price. It’s what big box builders advertise, which allows them to trick you into going to them. Each design can vary in cost by tens of thousands of dollars, even if it has the same features. Price by square foot is a general misconception by builders who need to learn how to estimate your home correctly.

Will you construct in a residential area?

If the neighborhood allows you to bring your builder there, the answer is YES. We can build there right away. But even if there are other smaller builders in the neighborhood and you’re still unsure, we can talk to a developer.

Will you build it if I bring my own set of plans or a sketch?

As long as you own the print rights, we’ll follow your sketch or blueprints. With our talented team, we can build anything you want them to due to our specialized custom solutions.

Are you going to look at my home site?

Once you’re sure you want to build, we’ll come to your homesite and check it. It will take us about three to four hours to conduct a homesite visit once you want to move forward with the project.

What is covered by your home’s price?

Everything that you need in your home is already included in the price. But you can always ask us for a copy of our standard features to know the inclusions, such as the interior and structural elements. But it’s worth noting that preparation and permits are separate from the total cost.

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