This example can be used as a general guide for your home construction schedule. Over 30 skilled contractors work together to build your exceptional home, we will take care of all the scheduling and quality control.

Your construction schedule may vary due to weather, inspection and trade schedules, and your specific contract. Many steps in the building process have separate prerequisites and may not depend upon each other to be completed for the next step to begin. This will vary the order in which the steps are listed and is entirely normal. At times, it may appear that construction is moving slower during certain phases of the build process.


  1. Begin Excavation of the Foundation
  2. Homeowner to Finalize All Utility Applications
  3. Pour Concrete Footers
  4. Pour Foundation Walls
  5. Apply Waterproofing to Foundation
  6. Set Steel I-Beams
  7. Backfill Foundation to Cover French Drains (foundation may sit due to framers’ schedule)


  1. Begin Framing First Floor Deck & Walls (pour basement depending upon lot)
  2. Frame Second Floor & Walls
  3. Set Roof Trusses
  4. Install Roof Sheathing
  5. Finish Framing Interior Walls
  6. Pour Concrete in Basement & Garage
  7. Install Windows & Interior Stairs

Mechanical and Insulation

  1. Rough-In Plumbing, HVAC, Electric, Technology (if in contract)
  2. Install Shingles on Roof
  3. Air Seal House & Inspections
  4. Homeowner & Project Manager – Framing Walk
  5. Install Exterior Wall Insulation & Specified Soundproofing


  1. Start Exterior Facade – Brick, Siding, Stone (can vary a few weeks after this)

Interior Finishes

  1. Board Interior Walls (finalize your flooring & countertops selections)
  2. Drywall Finish Interior Walls
  3. Prime Interior Walls Interior Doors & Trimwork
  4. Install Kitchen Cabinetry & Bath Vanities
  5. Template for Countertops
  6. Install Interior Railing
  7. Paint Trimwork & Doors
  8. Install Countertops
  9. Plumbing Finish – Install Faucets & Toilets
  10. Electric Finish – Install Lighting Fixtures
  11. HVAC Finish & Install A/C
  12. Install Hardwood Flooring
  13. Install Mirrors, Shelving, & Shower Doors
  14. Rough Grade Lot
  15. Install Carpet
  16. Finish Paint Walls

Finishing Touches

  1. Final Inspections
  2. Final Clean Home & Final Paint Touch-Ups
  3. Homeowner Walkthrough & Orientation
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